Lynn Johnson Endorses Gary Snyder for State Senate District 17

Lynn Johnson Endorses Gary Snyder for State Senate District 17

Huntington, IN – On Monday, City of Marion At-Large City Councilwoman Lynn Johnson endorsed Gary Snyder for Indiana State Senate District 17. Gary Snyder plans to make an official announcement of his candidacy on May 1. 2017.

“I am proud to endorse Gary Snyder for State Senate District 17. Gary is a veteran and will go to Indianapolis to fight for Marion’s struggling middle-class,” Johnson said. “Gary understands the struggles of our middle class and is uniquely qualified to be an advocate for Marion and all of a very diverse District 17,” Johnson added.

“I am honored to have Lynn Johnson’s support for the upcoming 2018 campaign. Lynn has been a strong advocate for the City of Marion and and it’s struggling middle-class.” said Snyder. “As a veteran of the United States Army where I served as a light infantryman, I know this campaign will be a fight to help our struggling middle-class and I look forward to having Lynn by my side,” added Snyder

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