Pence’s reckless and calculating actions demand further disclosure

Pence’s reckless and calculating actions demand further disclosure

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party John Zody released the following statement concerning revelations that former Indiana Governor and current Vice President Mike Pence used private email to conduct state business.

“Pot meet kettle. Vice President Mike Pence demonstrated the same ‘fast and loose ethics’ he railed against on the campaign trail last year. He conducted state business on personal, unsecured email and took calculated steps to conceal and delay information. Pence’s actions were reckless and unethical. They were the calculation of a politician on the rise and a thoughtless display of the politics as usual Hoosiers are sick and tired of in today’s climate. Vice President Pence may hold himself to a double standard, but Hoosiers deserve better. Americans deserve better. All elected officials are ultimately accountable to the people they represent, and Hoosiers deserve the truth. It seems Governor Holcomb has chosen to withhold a portion of the public work product Pence sent on private servers, and Indiana Democrats want to know why. The path toward regaining the public trust must involve full disclosure.”

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