With 7,800 on Facebook, 5,800+ on Twitter, 3,000+ On-Air Listeners, and 65,000+ Website Visitors we are SURE to find the best solution to promote the growth your business!


Our advertisement specialists will assist in the creation of your script to ensure maximum exposure, record and produce your advertisement for best air quality, and best of all we do not charge our clients per air play.

We use a fair advertisement play system that will assure your voice is herd repetitively throughout the day.

Naming Rights

We offer your brand to be included in our day to day product our listeners hear and see everyday. Some examples include:

"XYZ Company Studio"
"XYZ Company Weather Center"
"XYZ Company Traffic Center"
"Indiana Talks Events by XYZ Company"
"{Program} Presented by XYZ Company"

Call Gary Snyder today at (260) 479-7006!

Social Media

We can direct traffic to your website and/or social media (through @tagging and #hashtags!) by utilizing our audience! We have a very strong following with a broad demographic for your business needs.


Banners of various sizes are placed though our website that is optimized for mobile devices and computers alike. Throughout IndianaTalks.com you will find a letter-board at the top below the header, banner below our player, advertisement box in the body of our content and on sidebar, and banners are located at the top of article content.

Always we are open to hear any custom solutions where you think your business would excel!

We can assist with advertisement creation too!