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Following WikiLeaks Revelations, Julian Assange Asks For Asylum In France, France Rejects His Request

By Romain Dillet It was easy to see it coming. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange formally asked for asylum in France in a letter sent to Le Monde. Over the past

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Geniac Raises £22M From Grant Thornton To Offer ‘Office As A Service’

By Mike Butcher Geniac, which operates in the rarefied world of “business management” platforms, has raised £22 million from Grant Thornton UK, a big provider of assurance and tax advisory.

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Planting The Seed: Silicon Valley, Mind Control And Finding Order In Chaos

By John Mannes “The seed that we planted in this man’s mind may change everything.” – Dom Cobb (Inception). While this quote reads to most with only a Leonardo DiCaprio-style