Indiana Democratic Party 8-29-15 Weekly Radio Address

Indiana Democratic Party 8-29-15 Weekly Radio Address

Chairman John Zody delivers this week’ Indiana Democratic Party’s weekly radio address:  “This week, Channel 6 in Indianapolis uncovered more evidence showing just how Governor Mike Pence will always put his ideology ahead of Hoosiers and the state of Indiana.”




  • This is Chairman John Zody, bringing you the weekly podcast for the Indiana Democratic Party.
  • This week, Channel 6 in Indianapolis uncovered more evidence showing just how Governor Mike Pence will always put his ideology ahead of Hoosiers and the state of Indiana.
  • As a Congressman, Mike Pence cosponsored H.R. 1868, a bill that would redefine birthright citizenship in the United States.
  • The “Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009” is directly in line with the national conversation being had by presidential frontrunners Donald Trump and Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.
  • This controversial idea should have been a red flag to Hoosiers. When it comes to making decisions for the people of Indiana, Governor Pence will choose his ideology ahead of the well-being of Indiana 100% of the time.
  • It was Pence’s ideology that led to the $250 million economic impact following his signature of RFRA, a law that allows businesses to openly discriminate against LGBT Hoosiers.
  • And while the state continues to recover from the economic panic the governor caused – we’re still wondering when he and the legislative supermajorities will decide to truly invest in our state’s infrastructure.
  • That’s why this week, I formally asked the Indiana Department of Transportation to provide all records surrounding the I-65 Bridge over Wildcat Creek.
  • This bridge closure has led to more than eight major accidents along INDOT’s designated detour and caused a major impact to the Hoosier economy.
  • Frustrated Hoosiers have the right to know if this problem was at all preventable because this bridge closure has single-handedly clogged one of the most vital transportation and economic arteries in our state.
  • INDOT should be transparent with Hoosiers on the I-65 Bridge because Indiana is on the verge of losing its valued “Crossroads of America” reputation.
  • But that’s how Mike Pence and Statehouse Republicans govern our state. They would rather wait for a public relations crisis than solve today’s problems for the hardworking Hoosier family.
  • In just over two years in office, Governor Pence has managed to place the two things Indiana is known best for in jeopardy: Hoosier Hospitality and the Crossroads of America.
  • Hoosiers, we deserve a better governor than Mike Pence. We must come together and make sure we elect a new governor – one who will unite and improve the lives of all Hoosiers across Indiana – in 2016.
  • Until that time comes, Democrats in Indiana will continue to talk about ways in which we can do better for Indiana’s economy, our education system – and for the overall well-being of Hoosiers.
  • That starts with electing people to local office this fall that believe that government can be a force for good when you work efficiently to solve problems for those around you.
  • Anything less is just unacceptable.
  • Thank you for listening.

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