Indiana Democratic Party Sends Formal Request to Gov. Pence to Release All Documents Involved with the HIV Outbreak

Indiana Democratic Party Sends Formal Request to Gov. Pence to Release All Documents Involved with the HIV Outbreak

It took Gov. Pence 65 days to declare a State of Emergency, cases rose from 10 to 79 during that time

INDIANAPOLIS – In light of recent news about health clinics and testing services provided to Hoosiers, the Indiana Democratic Party today sent a formal request to Governor Mike Pence and his administration to release all documents involved with the HIV outbreak in Scott County.

In the letter, IDP Chairman John Zody asks Governor Pence to explicitly disclose the specific dates on when Pence and his administration first knew of the outbreak, when the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) first received word on this epidemic in Scott County, and why the state did not address the worst HIV outbreak in state history until March 25, 2015. Governor Pence declared a State of Emergency 65 days after Scott County reached the 10 case level deemed an “outbreak” by the state.

“All Hoosiers, whether they come from urban or rural communities, deserve to have access to health facilities that provide quality and affordable HIV/STD testing and preventable screenings in their communities. Scott County saw their health clinic close in 2013, and with it – they lost access to the preventable screenings that may have averted this horrific outbreak in the first place,” said John Zody, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party. “The timeline the state has provided leaves many questions left unanswered, and with other counties experiencing similar vulnerabilities like Scott County, Hoosier families want to be sure the Pence administration is taking appropriate and timely action. For the sake of our state and every Hoosiers’ well-being, it is my hope Governor Pence expedites this request so the general public can get answers immediately.”

According to reports, there must be 10 new HIV cases in order for the state to declare an outbreak. This number was reached on January 17, however, the ISDH didn’t send out its official notice via press release until February 25. Finally, Governor Mike Pence didn’t address the state’s worst HIV outbreak until March 25, 65 days after the state should have declared an outbreak. During that time, confirmed HIV cases rose dramatically from 10 to 79.

Read the letter here –> INDEMS HIV Request

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