Indiana Democratic Party 9-19-15 Weekly Radio Address

Indiana Democratic Party 9-19-15 Weekly Radio Address

Chairman JohnZody delivers the Indiana Democratic Pary 9-19-15 weekly radio address:  “Indiana deserves to have a governor who will help the state reach its full potential. And this person is not Mike Pence.”




  • This is Chairman John Zody, bringing you the weekly podcast for the Indiana Democratic Party.
  • This week, Howey Politics Indiana reported that an internal poll from the Pence Campaign shows Governor Pence’s approval rating “in the low 30s”.
  • The abysmally low approval numbers coming from the Pence campaign’s own polling data should come as no surprise because Governor Pence continues to put his ideology ahead of the overall well-being of everyday Hoosiers.
  • In just one term, he has managed to place Indiana’s most noted reputations – ‘Hoosier Hospitality’ and ‘Crossroads of America’ in jeopardy, and now Hoosiers are fed up and want someone better.
  • And they’re right – Indiana deserves to have a governor who will help the state reach its full potential. And this person is not Mike Pence.
  • Also, a new report by the S. Census Bureau showed that 11.9% of Hoosiers are without health insurance, making Indiana the highest uninsured state across the Midwest.
  • Even after he delayed Medicaid expansion for two years, Governor Pence still created a program that is 100% funded by the Affordable Care Act and would be removed if the national health care law were repealed.
  • This annual report from the Census Bureau further highlights that Governor Pence’s late-to–the-game strategy is once again hurting the overall well-being of Indiana.
  • If the governor would have put ideology aside and allowed Medicaid expansion from the beginning in Indiana, then our state wouldn’t be falling behind the rest of the nation.
  • And finally this week, Congressman Todd Young released a new ad for last Wednesday’s GOP presidential debate, a clear attempt to show Hoosiers that he will try to be a conservative during the GOP primary for US Senate.
  • But for Todd Young, he has made it clear that he’d put the special interests of Washington ahead of improving the overall well-being of everyday families back home.
  • In Congress, Todd Young voted more than 50 times to revoke healthcare from thousands of Hoosiers.
  • He has voted time and again against the Hoosier middle class by opposing the increase of the minimum wage and by refusing to take up the issue of equal pay for women.
  • So while Todd Young’s campaign must think this ad was a clever move, it really tells Hoosiers that he is afraid of his already out of touch ideology, and he thinks it isn’t conservative enough to win the Republican nomination.
  • Hoosiers, we deserve a better than Mike Pence and Republicans who care more about ideology than they do about looking out for the people they represent. We must come together and make sure we elect a new governor, a new US Senator in 2016 – ones who will unite and improve the lives of all Hoosiers across Indiana.
  • Until that time comes, Democrats in Indiana will continue to talk about ways in which we can do better for Indiana’s economy, our education system, and for the overall well-being of Hoosiers.
  • Thank you for listening.

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