Democrats React To Pence’s Inadequate Infrastructure Hail Mary

Democrats React To Pence’s Inadequate Infrastructure Hail Mary

With approval ratings about as high as Indiana’s infrastucture ratings, Gov. Mike Pence tried to throw a hail mary infrastructure fix after neglecting the problem for nearly three years. Here is the reaction from the Indiana Democratic Party, Indiana Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane and expected Democratic nominee for Indiana Governor John Gregg and I’m guessing a consensus of Hoosier voters.

John Zody, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party, released the following statement after Governor Pence’s infrastructure announcement this afternoon:

“It took a month-long interstate bridge closure, $71 million wasted in faulty asphalt, and a public relations crisis for Governor Pence to finally put his ideology aside and begin tackling one of today’s biggest problems facing our state. However, today’s announcement only achieves the bare minimum that’s needed to maintain Indiana’s D+ rated infrastructure system. With campaign polling showing him ‘in the low 30s’, the governor is making a political reaction to a real problem Hoosiers have known about all along. The sudden change in course shows that when given the choice, the Governor Pence will choose his ideology over the well-being of our state 100% of the time, and these delays hurt our state.”

On Tuesday Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) issued the following statement in response to Governor Pence’s infrastructure announcement.

“It’s reassuring that Governor Pence now acknowledges that Indiana’s infrastructure needs attention, but it seems the scope and immediacy of that need continues to elude him.

“His proposal is a drop in the bucket when you consider Indiana’s infrastructure situation as a whole.

“Even now, the governor makes what he calls a ‘significant’ infrastructure investment with traditional construction season winding down and no new dollars available until July 2016.  

“We can repave state highways all we want, the fact is the majority of roads in the Hoosier State are maintained by local governments.

“For every one centerline mile of road the Indiana Department of Transportation maintains, cities, towns and counties maintain nearly nine. For every structurally deficient bridge INDOT must repair, locals have five.

“Until we have a comprehensive plan for state and local governments to fund infrastructure in a sustainable way, the governor’s announcement is the equivalent of filling potholes.

“For the safety of Hoosier drivers and passengers and for economic growth, the governor is not moving fast enough. The condition of Indiana’s roads and bridges requires action now.” 

John Gregg, Democratic candidate for Indiana Governor:

“Mike Pence continues to lead from behind. As he’s done in the past, it’s only after an embarrassing public relations crisis that he has stepped up to offer any ideas. And, sadly, his infrastructure proposal amounts to filling half a pothole. The plan doesn’t even fund the state’s existing infrastructure needs, it doesn’t address future needs and it doesn’t offer support to our cities, towns and counties who also maintain hundreds of miles of critical roads and bridges. Hoosiers deserve better.”

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