Ind. Rep David Wolkins Urges You to Cancel Indiana Chamber Membership over Gay Rights

Ind. Rep David Wolkins Urges You to Cancel Indiana Chamber Membership over Gay Rights

WINONA LAKE, Indiana – In the same small group meeting where Indiana State Representative David Wolkins snickered at actor Jim Nabors’ sexuality, he took the gloves off and drew laughter as he urged audience members to withdraw their membership with the Indiana Chamber of Commerce because of their involvement on RFRA and LGBT civil rights.

ydn9fThe Indiana Chamber of Commerce often takes positions on issues which they believe impact Indiana’s business climate.  Wolkins claimed that since the LGBT civil rights issue is not an economic driver, that the Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s motivation must be that they are
“absolutely scared”.

How will the Indiana Chamber of Commerce react when a long-time veteran of the Indiana House Republican Caucus advocates folks canceling their memberships to the chamber? Will the Indiana Chamber of Commerce endorse a candidate who advocates canceling chamber memberships?  Will the Indiana Chamber of Commerce as well as their members donate to Indiana Speaker Brian Bosma and his republican caucus knowing some of those donations to their combined bank accounts will directly or indirectly help David Wolkins maintain both his seat and his public platform to mock Jim Nabors and others as he continues to urge folks to cancel chamber memberships?

Will Indiana House Speaker Republican Brian Bosma and Republican caucus leader Kathy Richardson also have a good laugh at Wolkins’ remarks like his group did about Jim Nabors and canceling Indiana Chamber of Commerce memberships or are they going to do something about it?

The following is a transcript of the pertinent part of the video posted by one of David Wolkins’ supporters on the internet (the video is a little hard to hear…I believe the last word is “workers” or “workforce”):

Moderator: Any comments on the chamber of commerce? Where are they falling on this and should we do anything about that?

Rep. David Wolkins: Withdraw your membership…

(group laughter)

Rep. David Wolkins: Yeah, it absolutely amazes me why the business community gets involved..

Audience member: Why do they?

Rep. David Wolkins: I don’t know…it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever…it is not an economic driver at all unless they’re absolutely scared of the workers.

We will have to see if Brian Bosma, Kathy Richardson and other leaders of the Republican House Caucus will view David Wolkins as a liability or as the “Star” of their team that represents the values they mean to communicate to the Hoosier electorate.  What will Brian Bosma’s “image consultant” think about all of this? Although David Wolkins has certainly bagged more than his fair share of gifts from lobbyists for years without consequence, you never know if they will throw someone under the bus over matters they privately believe are petty due to political expedience.

I am waiting for David Wolkins to again assert he was taken out of context saying people should cancel their chamber memberships.  I will be shocked if he, his sons or “Tea Party Empress” Monica Boyer will stay on topic. I am anxiously awaiting to see if David Wolkins, his sons and/or aspiring alleged Christian leader Monica Boyer will allow me to debate them on video tape in front of their local Church, Tea Party and/or GOP regarding law, ethics and morality involving excessive gifts to public officials, Gov. Mike Pence receiving campaign contributions from persons who defraud banks and abuse women, government officials covering up sex-crimes at public schools and the persecution of various whistleblowers.

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