Some Changes Are Coming To Indiana Talks

Some Changes Are Coming To Indiana Talks

There’s been a couple of elves working behind the scenes dedicated to bringing you the best experience and we just wanted to give YOU the listener a update! Some of these changes you may have already noticed, some are a work in progress, and some you should be made aware of!

First, Indiana Talks has changed its stream bit-rate (this is the bandwidth between you and us!) from 128kbps to 64kbps without any change in audio quality. What does this mean? You can now enjoy Indiana Talks using half the data AND a faster connect time!

Second, If you haven’t noticed we have a super awesome Weather and Traffic center! One really cool feature if you haven’t stumbled upon it yet is when you hover over the weather icon/temp on the desktop website a mini radar and weather outlook appears. This is one way we are dedicated to bringing you all the information you need.

Third, We are currently developing breaks in between our live syndicated shows with local Hoosier content. Split in between 3 breaks you will now hear local Indiana Sports, News, and Business updates!

Fourth and final, Have you checked out our fresh new shows? This year we have launched many brand new shows like Pacers Fast Break, This Week, Jordan Maly’s College Sports Break, Pop Culture Tonight, TechTalkRadio, FanBoy Radio (Comics), and even the return of JohnnyStir. We are contentiously working to develop more shows throughout this year and if you have any suggestions or topics you would like covered feel free to email me at [email protected]!


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