Rep. David Wolkins LGBT Remarks Regarding David Long, Cummins Engines & other State Reps

Rep. David Wolkins LGBT Remarks Regarding David Long, Cummins Engines & other State Reps

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Indiana State Representative David Wolkins had a lot to smile about yesterday after successfully flexing his political muscle before the Indiana Senate failed to pass LGBT protections yesterday.  Christian activists such as Monica Boyer and many of her compatriots are undoubtedly taking some of the credit for putting pressure on senators to defeat any amendments intended to provide for such protections.  Days prior to failure of the Senate to pass said amendments, David Wolkins addressed same group, after a hearty laugh, and urged them to put the pressure on State Senator David Long, President Pro Tem of the Indiana Senate.  David Wolkins’ pressure tactics appear to have put him in a position to exert his influence from his seat across the hall from the Indiana House of Representatives.  Has Rep. David Wolkins enjoyed the “last laugh” in this debate?

yk1goFurther, David Wolkins had some critical comments about Cummins engines, based in Columbus, Indiana.  Wolkins appears to attribute Cummins’ strong support of LGBT protections to the fact that many of former Governor Evan Bayh’s staff joined Cummins after Bayh’s tenure was completed.  I wonder if the folks listening to Wolkins’ critique of the influence of former Bayh staffers knew that one of his most powerful former staffers, Bill Moreau, Jr., has donated to David Wolkins’ past campaigns (I believe that this is the same person who worked for then Governor Bayh).  What will House Speaker Brian Bosma do now that a member of his caucus has taken Cummins to task?  Does the Indiana House Republican Campaign Committee care what Cummins thinks?  Will Cummins donate to the HRCC knowing that some of those funds to the caucus’ collective bank accounts will directly or indirectly aid David Wolkins in the primary and/or general elections? Should the HRCC immediately conduct a review of how many of their corporate donors have executives who used to work for Evan Bayh now?


In my humble opinion, Rep. David Wolkins appears willing to hand over names of fellow caucus members who may support some protections for LGBT citizens.  Since Monica Boyer and others in her clique within the Tea Party most likely will recruit Republican primary candidates to run against incumbents who are members of the Indiana House Republican Caucus, will House Speaker Brian Bosma enjoy spending caucus campaign funds to defend these incumbents and put further pressure on donors to fund contested primaries which all may be fueled, in part, by Indiana Representative David Wolkins because he does not agree with them on this issue?

yjeboIf you are one of the 15-17 members of the House majority caucus he is referring to in this video, should you be concerned about expressing your true opinions openly within the caucus meetings? Will Rep. David Wolkins mark your name down to fast track it to Monica Boyer and her friends to make the primary of 2016 or 2018 a “memorable” one for you?

If you wish to be a part of this Republican “team”, be advised that “Sweet Tooth” David Wolkins, Speaker Bosma’s ‘wing-man’ on the Government Reform and Natural Resources committees, is keeping an eye on you! If you are going to express your opinions as a house member, you will have plenty of opportunities when Wolkins is away “working for Indiana” at Colts game, Pacers game, golf outings, or a number of fine meals provided by utility and waste companies.


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