Baron Hill: Stutzman budget proposal wrong path forward for Indiana

Baron Hill: Stutzman budget proposal wrong path forward for Indiana

U.S. Senate candidate blasts Stutzman’s budget as out of touch

(Indianapolis) — U.S. Senate candidate Baron Hill released the following statement after tea party Congressman Marlin Stutzman unveiled a new budget plan:

“Congressman Stutzman has again put his own ideology ahead of common-sense solutions. His budget rewards corporations for shipping jobs overseas while raising Medicare premiums on seniors and making it harder for Hoosier families to get ahead. In the Senate, I will work to responsibly reduce our deficit while investing in education, health care and job creation here at home. That’s the kind of leadership that Indiana needs right now.”

Congressman Marlin Stutzman’s budget would:
Move the U.S. to a “territorial tax system” that gives tax breaks to companies like Carrier that ship jobs overseas
“Raise the age of Medicare” and increase premium payments for seniors
“Repeal the Renewable Fuel Standard” that supports economic development in rural Indiana and reduces America’s dependence on foreign oil
Congressman Stuzman was recently rated one of the least bipartisan members of Congress by the Lugar Center Bipartisan Index.

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