Rep. David Ober: Breaking the law, breaking the law….

Rep. David Ober: Breaking the law, breaking the law….

In March, State Representative David Ober was involved in an accident and given a ticket for Fasle Registration – Plate of different vehicle.

Ober Citation0001


But that is just the beginning.  When you take a look at the police report, it indicates driver 2 (Ober) was cited for Driving While Suspended and False Registration (it is confirmed that in the 2nd picture of the police report, the vehicle 1 and 2 were switched) What happened to the the DWS charge?

According to Niki Kelly of the Journal Gazette:

Ober said the suspension was all confusion related to a December 2015 one-car crash in which Ober went off the road. He was driving his 2014 Jeep at the time but the crash report misstated it as a 2016 Jeep. So when his insurance company sent proof of insurance to the BMV, the vehicles didn’t match. He received a letter from the BMV asking for a second submission, which his insurance company provided. Ober did not know his license had been suspended until Sheffield mentioned it to him.

So as long as a suspension is removed from your license before you go to court, you can have the charge dropped?  Someone other than a state representative let me know how
that works out.

Ober Accident Report0001




To make matters just a little more suspicious, when David Ober appeared to court on April 18th, the Noble County Prosecutor failed to show.  Ober pleaded no contest to the now just one charge of False Registration and was given a $1 fine with court costs.


David Ober claims there were no special favors given in Niki Kelly’s story.  My question, would you have been treated the same way Ober was if you were in an accident and you had a false registration in your vehicle?  Would the driving while suspended charge have been dropped?  Would you have received a $1 fine?


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