9 Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Voters Should Consider Libertarian Pepper Snyder in Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District

9 Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Voters Should Consider Libertarian Pepper Snyder in Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District

There are many reasons to support Libertarian candidate Pepper Snyder for Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District with the biggest reason being the Democrat or Republican candidates themselves.  Now, I’m not going sugar coat this and tell Bernie supporters and disgruntled democrats of the 3rd District you are going to hold hands with Pepper and sing Kumbayah on every issue, but there are enough issues you do agree on for you to consider her over the extreme right wing.  So after reading a story today on 5 reasons why Bernie supporters should support Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson this fall, I decided to apply this theme to Libertarian candidate for Indiana 3rd Congressional Candidate Pepper Snyder.  Next week we will look at why disgruntled Republicans should take a look at Pepper for Congress.

1.  Marriage Equality

Bernie Sanders has been a strong supporter of marriage equality.  Pepper believes the government should not have the authority to tell two consenting adults or any church who they can or cannot marry.

2.  Legalizing Marijuana

Marijuana legalization has been a recent staple of the Bernie Sanders campaign, even filing legislation to legalize it at the federal level.  Pepper believes people shouldn’t be imprisioned for choices individuals make on what they put into their body.  Our prisons are full of non-violent drug offenders and our police are over burdened with trying to enforce arcane marijuana laws and should focus on violent crimes that have real victims.

3.  Non-Interventionalism

Bernie Sanders voted against the war in Iraq and has consistently been against military involvement in Lybia, Syria, and Iraq.  Pepper, the wife of a former army light infantryman, has been a strong voice against interventionalism and opposes military action that is not in our own self defense.  She often says, “Next time you here a congressman talk about ‘boots on the ground’ in Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq, replace that with your sons and daughters.”

4.  Against The NSA/Patriot Act

Bernie Sanders voted against the Patriot Act in 2001 and has voted against it’s authorization every time.  Pepper has opposed the US Patriot Act, NSA and NDAA from its start and would work to abolish them all.

5.  Bernie has been an outspoken opponent of corporate welfare.  Pepper believes corporate welfare is at the heart of many of our economic woes and will work to end corporatism.

6.  Not Owned By Special Interest Groups

Both Bernie and Pepper believe there is too much money in politics and are not at the mercy of special interest groups that fund their opponents campaigns.

7. Path to Citizenship

Bernie and Pepper both believe that a special police force to “round them up and send them south” is not the answer to any immigration issue.  Pepper will work on comprehensive immigration reform if elected to congress. She will work to shorten the time it takes to become a U.S. Citizen. She believes it should not take 10 years to get through the line.

8.  Do Not Ban Muslims From Entering the United States of America

Pepper agrees with Bernie and will oppose any attempt to use a religious litmus test on allowing immigrants or refugees into the country.

9.  Audit the Fed

Bernie has been a late arrival to the “Audit the Fed”, Pepper has been a staunch, long time proponent of auditing the fed and eventually abolishing it.

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