Indiana Democratic Party 9-17-16 Weekly Radio Address Podcast

Indiana Democratic Party 9-17-16 Weekly Radio Address Podcast

Chairman John Zody and the 9-17-16 Indiana Democratic Party weekly radio address podcast:  “The fact that Congressman Young pocketed his taxpayer-funded paycheck after voting to shut down the federal government should be a red flag.”



This is Chairman John Zody, bringing you the weekly podcast for the Indiana Democratic Party.

Another week, another time where Eric Holcomb has let us down on the campaign trail.

It’s been 63 days since Holcomb was handpicked to be the Republican nominee for governor. Yet this late in the campaign season, Holcomb still has yet to release a single outline—let alone a comprehensive plan—for jobs or education in the Hoosier state.

Despite falling wages and a sluggish economy, and despite the lack of no statewide Pre-K system, the Holcomb campaign hasn’t found the time to set-down his vision on education or improving our state’s economy.
Instead, Indiana needs a leader with real solutions for real problems. Hoosiers can’t just hope a plan will come to fruition if Holcomb is elected.

On the other hand, our candidate John Gregg has not only shared his vision for Indiana, but he’s announced numerous policy proposals throughout his campaign.

In fact, everyone has immediate access to review these plans on his campaign website. With a thorough jobs plan, to his vision on improving our infrastructure and education systems, John Gregg has done the work that’s necessary to be Indiana’s governor.

Also this week – the 9th Congressional District race is heating up, and Hoosiers are seeing right through Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth and his carpetbagging approach to this race.

In a new radio ad funded by dark money from his dad back in Knoxville, Trey falsely attacked Shelli Yoder. That’s what happens when he wants to divert attention from the fact that he’s not from Indiana.

Even Hoosier Republicans aren’t buying into Tennessee Trey either. Prominent State Republicans like Attorney General Greg Zoeller, State Senator Brent Waltz, and State Senator Erin Houchin tore apart Trey’s attempt to pull one over on Hoosiers during the primary back in May.

It’s refreshing to see all Hoosiers reject someone who feels like they could just buy their way to a seat in Congress.
And to round out the news from the week, Congressman Todd Young backtracked on a promise he made regarding the government shutdown of 2013.

After telling Hoosier taxpayers he would refuse pay during the government shutdown, Todd Young admitted he pocketed his paycheck while sitting on the sidelines.

Congressman Young voted to shut down the government five times, which would have hurt seniors, children, and veterans that rely on important services. But he still got paid.

The fact that Congressman Young pocketed his taxpayer-funded paycheck after voting to shut down the federal government should be a red flag.

Congressman Young put party before country and it cost us more than $23 billion in lost economic activity.
Hoosiers, we must come together to elect John Gregg Governor and Christina Hale Lt. Governor. We need to elect Evan Bayh to the U.S. Senate and give Glenda Ritz another term to do what’s right for education and let Judge Lorenzo Arredondo protect Hoosiers as our Attorney General. And we must pick up seats in the Indiana General Assembly. The stakes are too high this election, and I know we can do it on Tuesday, November 8.

Thank you for listening.

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