FOODIE WEDNESDAYS: ClusterTruck Indianapolis

FOODIE WEDNESDAYS: ClusterTruck Indianapolis

This a new segment you are going to see every Wednesday, and its all about local FOOD! Bring out your inner fat kid as we dig into this week’s wonderful find, ClusterTruck located in beautiful Downtown Indianapolis. Before we dig into how mouth watering this food was let’s cover a few things. They are completely high tech, no waiting for someone to answer the phone just go online to there website and order away! Opening day was April this year, and about to open a brand new location for the folks in Bloomington.

Now to the food! We were able to get our hands on…

‣   Pork Tenderloin Sandwich (A Hoosier Classic!)
‣   Classic Cobb Salad
‣   Sticky Wings (Soy and Ginger Sauce)
‣   Jambalaya
‣   Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies


First I want to go ahead and rave about these Sticky Wings, talking about a flavor kick in your mouth! It’s a Soy and Ginger sauce they make in house and they have perfected it. This is something the chinese sauce wing fanatics like myself will have to try to believe. Not to mention their wings, they got some meat on em!

There Jambalaya is another perfection coming from someone who has tried many varieties, styles, recipes, even texture! I felt this was a perfect test for quality as in my opinion, it’s hard to pull off. Guess what they did, and the flavor was Clustertastic! Tons of chicken, tons of shrimp, these guys are NOT stingy with anything.

Moving on to the Hoosier favorite, the Pork Tenderloin. I have and sure other Hoosiers have tried tens if not hundreds of restaurants tenderloin. Just here in a 5 mile radius in Fountain Square I could name 15 places. In my head I constantly rate whos is the best, ClusterTruck is a solid #2 Best Tenderloin in Indianapolis with its juicy bitefuls and crispy crust and even a good thickness! The flavor of the meat will put you in foodie heaven for sure.

Then that huge, meaty, loaded up Classic Cobb Salad which even tasted like it was made with love, even grown with love from the farmers. I could not believe it when I took a bite, even the lettuce was like no other. This is what proved to me that they use the BEST ingredients they can find to make such luxurious food that is delivered to your door! (bye bye pizza!)

And then those cookies…… my oh my, from the first bite you knew they just came out of the oven, not sure if it was the heat from my food that made them that melty but it was some cookies like you get from your grandmother!

For the price, amount of food you get, and that epic quality they deliver (which only took about 20-25 minutes from Downtown to Fountain Square from order to door!). This can easily be a new Indy favorite for me, and I REALLY recommend you to go online and order from these guys your mouth will thank you, over and over!

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Truly the best quality food you can get delivered in Indianapolis!

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