Brian Howey: Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s Trump cigar

Brian Howey: Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s Trump cigar

NASHVILLE, Ind. – “Do you want to see something really cool?” Sure.
I was with Liz Murphy, an aide to Vice President Dan Quayle and we were
in his ornate office at the Old Executive Office Building next to the
White House. We walked into an office similar in size and
scope to the Indiana governor’s office at the Statehouse. We ended up
before an antique colonial revival-style double-pedestal desk Theodore
Roosevelt brought to the White House in 1903. It was one of six desks to
once occupy the Oval Office. Murphy pulled open the desk drawer, which
was empty, save for the signatures of vice presidents. There
were Nixon’s, Truman’s, George H.W. Bush, and of course Dan Quayle. I
looked for Thomas R. Marshall’s, but the signature tradition didn’t
begin until the 1940s. Marshall served as Indiana governor a
century before Mike Pence took over his old second floor Statehouse

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