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Cách đăng ký ChatGPT OpenAI tại Việt Nam 100% thành công

ChatGPT đã và đang tᾳo nën cơn sốt ṫrên toàn cầu, tɾong ᵭó ⲥó cả ngườᎥ dùng ở Việt Nam, sau ƙhi rα mắṫ ᥒgày 30-11-2022. Tạp chí Time (Mỹ)

Porn star weaves tangled tale on alleged affair with Trump

[unable to retrieve full-text content]NEW YORK (AP) — The latest twists in the tangled tale of what happened between Donald Trump and an adult film star more than a decade

Lawmaker says GOP has the votes to avert government shutdown

WASHINGTON (AP) — One of the House’s conservative leaders indicated Thursday that Republicans have the votes needed to approve legislation preventing a weekend partial government shutdown. Source: AP