Republican Tyler Moore Missing in Action on Uncounted Ballots

Republican Tyler Moore Missing in Action on Uncounted Ballots

Republican Commissioner Tyler Moore is missing in action while his county government “misplaces” over 1,100 uncounted ballots from last year. After these ballots were found on January 21, Moore has yet to address how county government failed to ensure that our elections are run safely and efficiently or say anything on the matter at all.

“As a County Commissioner in his 11th  year, Tyler Moore has a duty to make sure our government is functioning smoothly for the benefit of its citizens,” said Derek Camp, the Executive Director of the Howard County Democratic Party. “Unfortunately, he seems to be completely unaware of what is happening within his own county government while it has suffered under incompetence for years with no accountability to the voters and taxpayers of Howard County. Instead of running for another office, Tyler Moore should clean up his own house.”

Key questions remain unanswered from Commissioner Moore or Howard County Government. The public is still waiting for an explanation of why the discovery of the ballots was hidden from the public for a month and what specific steps and plans have been implemented to prevent this from happening again. Strangely, one of Tyler Moore’s political allies was even brought in to help count the ballots even though he was on the ballot himself, a problematic action at best. “Watching this mess unfold and the lack of leadership that followed, I question whether Tyler Moore is up to the job of mayor or whether he will call in his buddies to fix his problems for him,” Camp further stated.

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