Indiana Democratic Party 5-4-19 Weekly Radio Address Podcast

Indiana Democratic Party 5-4-19 Weekly Radio Address Podcast

Chairman John Zody and the Indiana Democratic Party 5-4-19 Weekly Radio Address Podcast.


This is Chairman John Zody, bringing you the weekly podcast for the Indiana Democratic Party.

As many of you know, the 2020 Presidential Election is already heating up. For Democrats, we have a chance at taking back the White House and maintaining our majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. The gains we saw as a Party in the 2018 midterm election showed us that when our candidates focus on the kitchen table issues like health care, jobs and education, we can win. 

The DNC has chosen to have the National Convention in Milwaukee, WI. Bringing a convention of this stature, with the stakes so high of electing a nominee that can challenge Trump, to the Midwest, shows how serious our Party is about winning in 2020. 

Our Party has grown since 2016. We have a breadth of new talent in candidates running for office – many of whom are more women, youngcandidates, and people of color. We have broadened our donor base with more small-dollar donors and grassroots community organizing as Democrats from across the state become more and more engaged in the process here in Indiana. And we have an energy in our Party to protect our values, have increased representation in our leadership, and fight for our nation’s future.

For our State Party, we are also rising to meet the challenges facing our state and nation. We have the chance to take back the Governor’s Office, Attorney General’s office, and are one seat away from breaking the Indiana Statehouse supermajority. We also plan to hold our U.S. Congressional seats in District 1 and 7. Since the November midterms, Congressional District 5 is also in play and a chance for us to unseat Congresswoman Susan Brooks.

It’s clear that 2020 will be a big year for Democrats. The Presidential Primary has a record-breaking field of candidates that exemplify the skills, intuition, and leadership we need to not only make President Trump a one-term president but to restore integrity to the Oval Office. 

Just yesterday we released our National Convention Delegate Selection plan so Hoosiers who are interested in having a deciding vote for the Presidential nominee can have an opportunity to represent our state in Milwaukee. The details of the plan can be found on under our “Events” tab, under “National Convention 2020.” 

Next year will be an exciting year for Hoosier Democrats and we want to send a strong, diverse delegation to vote for who Indiana wants as the next President of the United States.

I’m optimistic of what can happen here in our state in 2020 and right now in 2019. We just need everyone to help us get there, including you. You can get involved with the Party at

Also, please follow the IDP on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Simply search INDems – that’s I-N-D-E-M-S on those social media platforms andfollow us to get the latest news about our candidates and what we’re doing to hold our counterparts at the Statehouse and in Washington accountable.

Thank you for listening.

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