Trump jokes to Putin: ‘Don’t meddle in the election’; Mayor Pete shines; and New face, old ideas in AG race

Trump jokes to Putin: ‘Don’t meddle in the election’; Mayor Pete shines; and New face, old ideas in AG race

Indiana Catholic school that fired teacher over same-sex marriage got $1.1M from state last year
According to the Indiana Department of Education, Cathedral received $1,136,258.73 last school year in public money through the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program. (WRTV 6)

New face, old ideas in attorney general race
Westercamp is on the far-right of the political spectrum – even having attended the infamous private signing of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in then-Gov. Mike Pence’s office in 2015 that led to a national furor. Lawmakers quickly passed a bill to say the act couldn’t be used to discriminate.  (Journal Gazette)

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg scores debate points
While he didn’t draw as much attention and praise as Sen. Kamala Harris, the candidate closest to him in many polls so far, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg seemed to score some points in Thursday night’s Democratic 2020 presidential candidate debate, pundits and analysts said afterward. (South Bend Tribune

Do you want to support Indiana Talks?
If you would like to support Indiana Talks and want your business, organization or campaign seen and heard by thousands on a daily basis, just respond to the email or give Gary a call at (260) 479-7006

House Passes Senate Border Bill in Striking Defeat for Pelosi
Congress sent President Trump a $4.6 billion humanitarian aid package on Thursday after Speaker Nancy Pelosi capitulated to Republicans and Democratic moderates and dropped her insistence on stronger protections for migrant children in overcrowded border shelters. (NY Times)

Rex Tillerson to Congress: I Tried to Educate Trump on Immigration Law, But He Wouldn’t Read
In the early days of the administration, President Donald Trump and the White House began working on a new approach to immigration—one that would eventually lead to the “zero tolerance” policy and the separation of thousands of families along the U.S. southern border.  (Yahoo News)

Supreme Court Says Partisan Gerrymandering Is Outside Of Its Purview
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday 5-4along conservative-liberal lines that the federal courts don’t have a role in policing partisan gerrymandering. (The Statehouse File)

Winners and losers from night 2 of the 1st Democratic debate
Unlike the relatively polite affair on Wednesday night, the candidates in Thursday’s debate came out ready to scrap. It was a much more spirited affair and produced a series of powerful moments. (CNN)

Trump jokes to Putin: ‘Don’t meddle in the election’
With a smirk and a finger point, President Donald Trump dryly told Russia’s Vladimir Putin “Don’t meddle in the election” in their first meeting since the special counsel concluded that Russia extensively interfered with the 2016 campaign.  (AP)

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Slam Trump Over Unauthorized Use of ‘Crazy Train’
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne denounced President Donald Trump’s unauthorized use of “Crazy Train” in a Twitter video the president posted mocking the 2020 Democratic primary candidates. (Rolling Stone)

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