Pete for America Raises More Than $19.1 Million in Q3, More Than $51 Million for 2019

Pete for America Raises More Than $19.1 Million in Q3, More Than $51 Million for 2019

Powered by grassroots energy from all 57 states and territories, Pete for America will file an FEC report later this month showing we have raised more than $19.1 million during the 3rd quarter, bringing the total raised to more than $51 million since the beginning of the year. This is great news and shows that in a crowded field, Pete continues to stand out as having the vision and leadership voters know we need to tackle the urgent problems facing our country. It also positions us solidly as one of the top three fundraisers in this race. We will have the resources to go the full distance, and to win, the 2020 nominating contests. 

People continue to be drawn to Pete and his vision of bridging our divides and to his bold plans to move our country forward, and our campaign has grown exponentially faster than any other candidate in the 2020 field. Roughly 182,000 new people donated to the campaign in Q3, bringing the total number of unique donors to more than 580,000. Since the outset, our campaign has received more than 1.25 million donations, with an average contribution of about $40. This quarter, our average donation was about $32, showing a sustainable base for further investment. And our email list has continued to see massive growth since the start of our exploratory effort.

While Q3 of an off-year is traditionally a notoriously challenging quarter to fundraise, our campaign continued to see strong performance. Throughout this time, we’ve been hyper-focused on scaling the organization and building the infrastructure needed to win the nomination. We are one of the few campaigns that has been able to make these large strategic investments, and this strong fundraising quarter has put us in position to have the resources needed to win.

During the third quarter, our campaign staff increased to just under 400 people, including in the early states, where we jumped from 107 to 227 total staff on the ground, working each day to organize communities across the country. We went from zero field offices in those early states to 42. To break it down further, the Q3 numbers include:

  • Iowa, where we opened 21 offices and now have a staff of nearly 100.
  • New Hampshire, where we opened 12 field offices in addition to a state headquarters, and nearly doubled the staff — from 34 to 64.
  • Nevada, where we’ve grown to five field offices and now have a staff of 35, up from 6 at the beginning of Q3.
  • South Carolina, where we now have three field offices and 33 staff across the state.

Pete is spending a lot of time in these early states (he was in Iowa 21 days this quarter!), and it’s showing — his crowds continue to swell in Iowa, polling shows him in the top tier of candidates in a still sprawling field, and over 63% of our total donors in Iowa donated again in Q3, more than any other state. The more people get to know Pete, the more they want to invest in our campaign. 

The campaign has also invested heavily in digital list building to ramp up a nationwide network of investors and volunteers. Our sizable investment will provide the infrastructure we need to compete in every district in every state and will pay dividends as we move beyond the early states. We have also been running television ads statewide in Iowa, radio ads in rural Iowa, and online ads ranging from YouTube to Hulu to Spotify statewide in Iowa and New Hampshire, and we expect these programs to continue, and grow.

It’s important to note that we did not come into this race having operated in Washington for years or decades. We did not transfer millions of dollars from other accounts into this one. We have not been cultivating an email list for years. But every single day our campaign continues to grow, and every single day we continue to build the support that we need to be one of the very few campaigns that will actually be able to compete in and win the Democratic primary.

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