INDIANAPOLIS – Today Jonathan Weinzapfel formally accepted the Indiana Democratic Party’s nomination for attorney general, issuing the following statement:

“I’m honored by this nomination and the faith my fellow Democrats have placed in me. I thank them, our campaign team and, especially, State Senator Karen Tallian who ran an inspired campaign.

Our state is facing real challenges. We are dealing with a global coronavirus pandemic that has caused a huge loss of jobs and a public health crisis. It has created tremendous uncertainty about the safety of our loved ones, our health care, the education of our kids and the survival of our economy. And, with the death of George Floyd, we are now confronting issues with our criminal justice system that have been ignored for too long. Now more than ever, Indiana needs a leader who can bring people together to solve these complicated problems. That’s what I’ve done throughout my career and it’s what I will do as attorney general.

On day one, l will withdraw Indiana from Curtis Hill’s lawsuit seeking to overturn the Affordable Care Act, preserving the health care of thousands of Hoosier families. I will lead efforts to reform our criminal justice system so that we can protect Hoosiers, reduce the need to build more jails and respect the humanity in each of us. I will fight to ensure the safety of Hoosiers in nursing homes by demanding greater transparency. And I will use the power of the office to protect workers’ wages and safety, and go after scammers and those that steal or misuse public dollars. As attorney general, I will focus on citizens’ rights, not partisan fights, and restore honor, integrity and purpose to the office.

The choice in this election is clear. This is a choice between an attorney general who will fight to protect our health care and a Republican candidate who is trying to take health care away from millions of Hoosiers.This is a choice between an attorney general who will fight for all Hoosiers — or a Republican candidate who uses partisan politics to divide us.

I look forward to the general election campaign, our victory this November and beginning the work for building a better, more prosperous, more just and more inclusive Indiana.” Jonathan Weinzapfel was elected mayor of Evansville in 2003 and re-elected in 2007. After his two terms as mayor, Weinzapfel served as chancellor of the Ivy Tech Evansville campus from 2014-2019. He also served in the Indiana General Assembly as a state representative from 1999-2003. He currently works as a partner at the law firm of Jones Wallace in Evansville. Jonathan and his wife Patricia reside in Evansville and have three children.

For more information on Jonathan or his campaign for Indiana Attorney General, please visit www.WeinzapfelforAG.com. To schedule an interview, email [email protected]

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